Conferences/Workshop Presentations - 2016


I. "Breaking The Silence" Conference


Grace Mennonite Church - Millersburg, Ohio - February 27-28


Saturday Presentations:


I. Pedophiles Are Like Serial Killers - My Story of being sexually abused, molested and raped by a minister.

II. How To Talk With Your Kids About Sexual Abuse.

III. Grooming - How Do Predators Get Into Our Lives?


Sunday Morning:


HOPE Presentation - "The Man In The Arena"


Sunday Evening Sermon:


"Suffer The Little Children"




Conferences/Workshop Presentations - 2015


I. Child Abuse Symposium - "The Developmental Impact of Trauma on Children"


Child Advocacy Center of Jackson County - Medford, Oregon - June 4-5




     I. Pedophiles Are Like Serial Killers - My Story of being sexually abused, molested and raped by a minister.


     II. How To Talk With Your Kids About Sexual Abuse.


     III. Grooming - How Do Predators Get Into Our Lives?


For information or to register, contact Christine at (541) 734-5437 or The cost for the training on Friday includes lunch and breakfast. Some scholarships are available.






I. SNAP Leadership Conference - Dallas, TX - February 21-23, 2014


Presentation:    1) Help local support groups gain traction/Increase membership activity



II. Everything For Dad's Conference - Sarasota, FL - March 15, 2014


Presentation:    1) How to Talk with Your Kids About Sexual Abuse



III. "Soaring to New Heights" Conference - Denver, CO - September 26-27, 2014



Workshops:       1) The Abused Addict - The Correlation between Sexual Abuse and Addiction



                          2) Grooming - How do Sexual Predators get into our lives?





Past Radio Shows


How To Protect Your Sons From Sexual Predators


On Friday, May 9th, 2014 I was honored to be on the radio with hosts, Tom and Bonnie Liotta. Bonnie and Tom are committed to a world wide humanitarian movement to heal, unite and empower families and communities by bestowing them with the tools necessary to strengthen our standards, ethics and values while raising the next generation. They founded and lead an organization called "Creating Champions For Life".


We discussed the importance and tools needed to protect our children from sexual predators.




Radio Show with David Pittman & Rachel Grant - January 29th, 2014


The Abused Addict: One Man’s Journey of Recovery from Sexual Abuse


Discovering the Correlation Between Childhood Sexual Abuse and Substance Abuse/Addiction


We cover not only abuse and addiction, but also issues with sexuality, access to counseling, sexual predators grooming kids for abuse, churches that protect sexual predators, creating support groups in your local areas and so much more! Please set aside some time to listen to what I genuinely believe is valuable information for both survivors of childhood sexual abuse and those that love them.



We're proud to announce Together We Heal is the sponsor for this amazing event in Sarasota, Florida on March 15th, 2014.


This is a one day event, a dynamic celebration of fatherhood. Hosted by NFL and TV Reality Star Hank Baskett, and Tampa Bay 10 News Anchor Reginald Roundtree. With VIP Special Guest NFL Star Plaxico Burress and more celebrity dads to be announced, plus amazing speakers, experts, this collaborative event will celebrate, raise awareness, educate and inform fathers just like yourself about “real” dad parenting for the 21st Century!


Here’s your opportunity to hang out with inspiring and committed dads and experts who want dads from all walks of life to share and learn more about what truly unites us all – being the best father you can be.


David will be giving his presentation on “How To Talk with Your Children about Sexual Abuse” and providing the accompanying Childhood Sexual Abuse forms to use to help better protect your kids from sexual predators. It’s an easy to follow, 7-step process that any dad/parent can follow to approach this delicate topic with your kids.


Make sure to get registered now so you don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from some great dads and dedicated advocates and experts.



Each year, Barbara Ochoa, founder of the P. Luna Foundation presents the

"Male Abuse Awareness Week" consisting of a week long series of guest speakers, culminating in a main event in Union Square in San Francisco, California. This year Barbara partnered with Trish McKnight of the Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio to produce the weeks interviews.


Wednesday, November 27th, 2013, David Pittman, Executive Director of Together We Heal and Blair Corbett, Founder of Ark of Hope for Children, Breaking Chains, were the guest speakers. They spoke about their personal stories of abuse and how it led them to start organizations now working to help their fellow survivors and raising awareness about childhood sexual abuse.



Together We Heal was honored to be the guests of Jerry and Jenny Boone's radio show for Missing/Murdered/Exploited children on November 22nd, 2013. Jerry and Jenny gave us the opportunity to share our message of hope and healing for all survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The show featured myself, David Pittman, Executive Director of TWH; two of our amazing therapists, Rivka Edery and Debe Arlook and our webmaster, web page designer and soon-to-be newest board member, Michelle Lea Anthony-Hopper.



Stop Child Abuse Now - Show 691 - Statute of Limitation Law Reform


Our latest radio appearance was as a member of the panel for an incredibly informative show on Statute of Limitation Law reform with special guest, Marci A. Hamilton. Marci is an attorney who's leading the battle to eliminate the Statute of Limitations for issues of child abuse. Professor Hamilton has served as constitutional and federal law counsel in many important clergy sex abuse and religious land use cases in state and federal courts, and has testified before numerous state legislatures regarding elimination of the statutes of limitations for childhood sex abuse. She is frequently asked to advise Congress. She is an author, lecturer, and advocate on the protection of the vulnerable from religious institutions. She is also a national leader for legislative reform, particularly Statute of Limitations reform through her website Professor Hamilton is the author of "Justice Denied: What America Must Do To Protect Its Children" (2012). This is MUST HEAR to get the info you need to fully grasp how out of control these outdated laws are and how they protect pedophiles/sexual predators and further victimize survivors of CSA.



We were honored to be the guest on Bill Murray's radio show SCAN - Stop Child Abuse Now on Wednesday, 8/28/13. Bill is also the founder of, an organization whose goal is to raise awareness about childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and provide resources to help those in need. Feel free to listen to the archived show.




We did our first appearance on Bill Murray's radio show SCAN - Stop Child Abuse Now on Monday, 7/15/13. Since that time we have been honored to appear again and we now consider ourselves partners in healing with both NAASCA and SCAN. Feel free to listen to the archived show.




My interview with Lucinda Bassett, author of "Truth Be Told: A Memoir of Success, Suicide, and Survival" was aired on LA Talk Live - 12/6/2012 - It covers the topic of Childhood Sexual Abuse. While my segment is the last 15 minutes, following guest speaker Dr. Arlene Drake, I believe many will benefit by listening to the show in its entirety.


You can hear it at one of the following two links:

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